Hi, I'm Rych. Yes, it's pronounced ['rich]

I can’t draw very well, so I take pictures instead. 
My wife is totally wicked awesome.
I’m the parent of a 52 inch mini version of me. His name is Keefer.
I occasionally do crazy stuff like this
One time, Axl Rose was at my house.
I’ve seen the inside of a Mexican jail. Really, its a funny story.
I’ve won hundreds of photography awards-all of them from my wife and mom.
I chew my nails. It helps with my other habit-my iPhone habit.
I’ve only been married once, but I’ve had two wedding receptions.
I broke my nose one time, but I have no idea how it happened.
To say that I am tall would be a very accurate statement.
My childhood dream was to be in the news-Huey Lewis and the News.
I still have the same Chuck Taylor's that I wore to the prom- in 1991
I also put wet stuff on the red stuff here and here
I grew up in New York State, but I never set foot in NYC until I moved to Maryland.
My car takes diesel and my truck takes gas.
I get all my news from the Onion.
Do you find the Y in my name confusing? Yeah, me too.

Rych Pullen: Photographer
World Headquarters: Grasonville, Maryland

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